The new Order places responsibility upon you in the event of an accident you could be prosecuted if as an employer, landlord or business owner, you have failed to provide a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment.

Since coming into action the reform Order has made it easier to understand the way in which employers are both responsible and liable for the fire and emergency training on their premises. It also highlights the importance of prevention when it comes to correct fire safety. That is why it has become compulsory to have a thorough and detailed Fire Risk Assessment, which Evoke Safety are able to provide. The legislation places this responsibility on nearly every business or property owner in the country. You require a proper risk assessment if you are:

  • Are responsible for any business premises: employer, contractor or otherwise.
  • Own a business based in a licensed property.
  • Are self employed with premises
  • A landlord

Evokes service can not only just bring you up to the legally required standard of fire-safety, but we’ll work closely with you and your employees to create a safer working environment. Our Assessors are trained in all of the details of the reform order as well as fire safety techniques that must be implemented to ensure a secure working environment and prevent injury or the loss of life. The specifications of the legislation require that you conduct a thorough assessment and training that includes:

  • Professional fire drills
  • Suitable & sufficient fire prevention equipment: doors, alarms & extinguishers
  • Signs and displays
  • Professional employee training
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire and escape procedures

The service that we provide is essential to improve the safety of your employees – all with simple steps that you can take to make your business less at risk.


You do, if you exercise control over any commercial premises or part of the following:

  • Factories, Warehouses and Shops
  • Sleeping Accommodation (Hotels, Bed and Breakfast)
  • Residential Care Premises
  • Small and Medium Places of Assembly (Village Halls)
  • Large Places of Assembly (Sporting Venues)
  • Theatres, Cinemas
  • Open Air Events and Venues
  • Healthcare Premises
  • Transport Premises


I don’t feel comfortable or have the time to conduct a fire risk assessment myself. What should I do?

When the legislation was passed there was exactly this kind of argument against it. Which is why the government allowed any business in need of an assessment, to hire a professional external body of trained fire-safety experts like us; we make it quicker, easier and less hassle to conduct an accurate Fire Risk Assessment.

What benefits are there to hiring a professional Fire Risk Assessment service such as Evoke Safety?

The benefits are numerous:

  • Proper knowledge of the fire regulations and legislation
  • A wealth of training and experience
  • Save you time and money organising and running a fire safety course
  • Expert knowledge of how and why fire spreads
  • Psychological knowledge about how people behave/react around fire
  • Can provide you with professional documentation to satisfy your insurance and the law

How regularly do I require a fire risk assessment?

The frequency of your assessments depends on various factors. Essentially you will need another assessment if at any time you make any changes that will affect the nature of the emergency procedure, lay out or circumstances of fire-risk. This includes refurbishment, large changes in layout or contents of the work environment. It is best practice to carry out the assessment annually so that if anything significant has changed we can amend the assessment accordingly to keep you compliant

How long does the Fire Risk Assessment take?

This depends on the size of your business your business does not have to be closed for the duration of the Fire Risk Assessment. Your staff can continue to work as normal.

What is the end result of the assessment?

Once we have finished examining your premises, dependant on the size and nature of the premises we will deliver a thorough report to you detailing every aspect of your Fire Risk assessment. This report is comprehensive, it’s officially recognised by insurers and the government – it can also be a useful tool for you to move towards a safer business.

Express Service:

On some occasions there is a business requirement to have the assessment turned around as quickly as possible. The express service is possible without compromising the integrity of the assessment in order to meet your business needs and is available on request

What does a fire-risk assessment entail?

Our trained fire  Risk assessors will examine every aspect of the premises, age, location, condition, layout and content to assess how much risk there is in terms of fire hazards such as combustible materials, who is at risk, and the best way to minimise the risks. He will suggest ways to improve your overall fire safety and keep you compliant. The assessor will also assess and help to improve the current protocol for emergency planning and evacuation.


Our services are essential for any business since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Safety Order in 2005. This reform act made it compulsory for all businesses with 5 workers or more to complete a full fire risk assessment from professionals trained in proper fire safety management. We can provide you with the service and expertise of these professionals that will improve the safety of your workplace.

Our assessment is completely independent and reliable. We will provide you with information about how you can make changes to your business that will result in significant improvements to your day to day fire safety.

The basic service that we provide is a full assessment of the property and the business including:

  • Evaluation of fire safety procedures
  • Advice on basic fire safety training
  • Fire prevention measures
  • Full risk assessment – fire Hazards, combustibles

We will then compile a Fire Risk Assessment that proves that you have adhered to the legal requirements of the 2005 Regulatory Reform Order. This will also be required for insurance purposes. The report will also be able to help you to improve the safe running of your business by providing you with a comprehensive and detailed list of any fire hazards that may need attention.  It is a well known fact that 70% of businesses never recover from a major fire and many go into liquidation shortly afterwards. Don’t let yours be one of the 70%.

Our packages include;

HG65 auditYesYesYesYes
Appointed named AdvisorYesYesYesYes
H&S inspectionYesYesYesYes
H&S Policy and ManualYesYesYesYes
Management action plan for next 12 monthsYesYesYesYes
Free help and advice lineYesYesYesYes
Training PlanYesYesYesYes
Accident investigationNoYesYesYes
Assistance with implementation of H&S PolicyNoYesYesYes
Development of risk assessment systemNoYesYesYes
Development of COSHH systemNoYesYesYes
Onsite inspection planned and impromptu (as agreed)NoYesYesYes
Environmental impact assessmentNoYesYesYes
Feasibility StudiesNoYesYesYes
Cradle to grave assessmentNoYesYesYes
Permitting issuesNoYesYesYes
Assisting with management of waste carriersNoYesYesYes
Attendance at committee/client meetingsNoYesYesYes
Representation as your competent personNoYesYesYes
On site Consultant 1 day per monthNoYesNoNo
On site Consultant 2 days per monthNoNoYesNo
On site Consultant 1 day per weekNoNoNoYes

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